In the beginning of June, Christian Comito and Bob Harper attended the annual Reinhart Corp “Traditions” event in Florida. Comito and Harper got to spend some time learning a lot about Reinhart Corporation.

Last year when they attended, they had the privilege to accept Produce Supplier of the Year award and in 2015 as well. This year they once again had the privilege in accepting another award. For 2017, Capital City Fruit was awarded the Corporate Departmental Supplier of the Year!

Trying to maintain a healthy weight for you, but don’t exactly know how? I have the answer for you! Fruits and vegetables is the answer and they can help you get to your goal by a lot of awesome reasons.

When consuming fruits and vegetables you’re not putting a lot of calories into your body. Not only is it a low intake in calories, but it helps you eat less because of its high water and fiber content in them. High water and fiber content will help you fill up and can help feelings of hunger between meals.

Capital City Fruit is introduced to another social media app called Instagram! The popular photo sharing app Instagram is a fun, simple and growing app that has more than 300 million daily users on it.

Having such brand friendly features, this will allow us to post more pictures for our customers, potential customers, and the general public to see whenever they want. Instagram has so many new and fun features that will let people see CCF at different ways. It will give our followers a better insight of what we do here at CCF.

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Summer is just around the corner and it seems like everyone is jumping into a new healthy diet. Starting a new diet can be hard sometimes, but there are some ways to make it better by incorporating your favorite fruits and vegetables in all of your meals.

The summer is near and our local growers are getting ready!

Capital City Fruit is an expert in locally grown produce. We work with local growers in Iowa and six other Midwestern states to harvest the freshest seasonal produce. Short transit times allow the produce to arrive at its peak in nutrients and flavor.

Pictured in this post is a newly planted bell pepper field from one of our local growers in Minnesota.

Get excited for this season of local grown produce!

These carrot cake cupcakes are very easy to make and are the perfect snack for spring! 

New bagged items!

Have you seen our new bagged items? Just as fresh as ever, now your favorite produce is available in portable and reusable bags! The handle makes it easy to grab on the go, and the clear bag lets you see every detail of the tasty produce you’re about to buy. The bag’s resealable function also makes it easy to carry all the way from the store to your kitchen. Once it’s there, there’s no need for a separate container or drawer for storage, your produce can be left in the bag until it is used.

We all get a little more excited about adding fresh produce to our diet during the summertime, but coming up with a different use for that produce every day of the week can be challenging. Here are some easy dinner ideas for every night of the work week -and they are all filled with your favorite summer produce!


An estimated 6 million Americans are currently living with heart failure, and that number is expected to rise to over 8 million by 2030. Are you taking the necessary precautions to keep your heart healthy? (Yes, eating your fruits and vegetables made the list!) Check it out here:

Pro-produce isn't just our business model; it's our approach to daily life. Read more about the political side of produce, and also learn adventurous uses for avocado, winter produce picks, food waste tips, and more!

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