Use Fresh Produce in Every Meal This Week

We all get a little more excited about adding fresh produce to our diet during the summertime, but coming up with a different use for that produce every day of the week can be challenging. Here are some easy dinner ideas for every night of the work week -and they are all filled with your favorite summer produce!


Monday: Take your favorite pasta dish up a notch by adding fresh vegetables to the mix. Try this recipe with Italian sausage and vegetables for inspiration! 

Tuesday:  What’s Taco Tuesday without some fresh produce? This recipe uses grilled produce to create delicious grilled pork tacos with corn and nectarine salsa!

Wednesday: This coconut crested chicken salad proves that not all salads are boring. Try this tropical blend, or mix your own vegetables together for a salad catered to your favorite flavors.

Thursday: Add some extra flavor to your hamburgers by stuffing them with onions or other veggies. Try this recipe for brie and caramelized onion stuffed burgers to get you started! Go ahead and throw some corn on the grill while you’re at it!

Friday: Something about Fridays and pizza go hand in hand. Switch up your normal pizza routine by making your own mini pizzas with eggplant!