The History of CCF – 70 Years & Beyond

What started as a simple fruit stand in 1949 has grown into something much more, while still maintaining the same values and beliefs that our business was built on. Take a look at how it all began.

  • 1949

    Joseph T. Comito and Ross and Bernard Grandanette founded a fruit market in the capital city of Iowa. The first Capital City Fruit store was located at 1035 2nd Avenue in Des Moines.
  • 1959

    The company moves to 1920 SE 14th Street and Joseph M. Comito joins CCF as a full-time employee. CCF continues its retail operations while expanding its wholesale, distributing, and shipping activities.
  • 1975

    Joseph T. Comito, family patriarch, passes away. Joseph M. Comito now takes direction of Capital City Fruit.
  • 1976

    Capital City Fruit doubles in size and adds a repacking operation.
  • 1981

    After Mary Comito dies, Joseph M. becomes the third President of Capital City Fruit.
  • 1982

    CCF moves to Norwalk, Iowa eleven employees strong.
  • 2004

    Christian Comito is named the fourth President / CEO of Capital City Fruit.
  • 2008

    Joseph M.’s three sons Kieran, Brendan, and Christian purchase the company.
  • 2012

    The company relocates its offices, warehouse, and 120 employees to the north side of town.
  • Today

    Capital City Fruit celebrates 70 years of deeply-rooted relationships, company growth to over 150 employees, and delicious produce.

Get to Know Capital City Fruit

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